(Cover photo: Northern Flicker, Photo by: Mike’s Birds)

Ahhh, spring love!

It’s hard to be mad at love. It’s hard to be mad at anyone trying to find love. No one wants to stand in the way of anyone finding a mate, unless that someone is the Northern Flicker hammering incessantly on anything that can make attractive mating sounds. Because that drumming that is driving you crazy is music to the ears of other woodpeckers looking for love.

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Set up nesting boxes in nearby trees to deter woodpeckers from damaging your eaves.

Keeping woodpeckers away from your roof and eaves

If you’re lucky, the woodpeckers will choose to peck away at a nearby tree, but enthusiastic woodpeckers sometimes find that your eaves are the perfect instrument to drum their love song for the world to hear. This can cause a few problems. One of them you can solve by taking a few aspirin, the other you can solve by:

  1. Scare them away with loud noises
  2. Filling the holes quickly to deter them from coming back
  3. Redirecting them to a nearby tree or nesting box

Learning to coexist with nature is par for the course when you live in Colorado. But, you still need to protect your home. Damaged eaves from woodpeckers, old age, or weather can lead to more serious problems for home and building owners. Eaves are part of the roofing system that helps divert water away from your home, and prevent water from flowing off of your roof directly onto or into your walls. If your eaves are damaged, your entire roofing system becomes compromised, and your home is vulnerable to water penetration.

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The Northern Flicker is out looking for love, a home, and some food. Make sure they don’t set their sites on your roof, eaves, or wooden siding.

The quicker you can get rid of the woodpecker, the less damage they are likely to create. But, you have to act quickly. Woodpeckers are territorial, so if you allow them to get too attached to your eaves before you scare them off to a neighboring tree, they could put up quite a fight.

Why woodpeckers are attracted to your roof

Your eaves can be attractive to woodpeckers for a few reasons:

  • Finding love
  • Finding food
  • Finding a place to nest
Colorado roofing tips

The Northern Flicker mating season is from March to June.

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If woodpeckers are attracted to your eaves you could already have a bug problem, and that bug problem could have been caused by water damage. Either way, don’t let woodpeckers get too comfortable and call a roofing contractor to come and inspect your eaves and roof to assess the cause of, and solution to any damage.