Colorado winters are cold. But every time you turn up the thermostat you cringe a little knowing that you’re also turning up your energy consumption, and that’s going to cost you at the end of the month. So, what are you going to do? You can only wear so many sweaters at once, right? There are two steps that you can do to stay warm during the winter, without having to turn up the heat: Seal and ventilate your home.

Avoiding ice dams and water damage with proper insulation

Proper insulation in your attic can prevent the formation of ice dams and thwart off major water damage.

Reduce air leaks in your home and save energy

Sealing up your home, and reducing the amount of air that escapes your home is something every homeowner can do. For the most part, it is as simple as caulking your windows, or attaching a weather guard to the bottom of your front and back doors. You may not think of it as much, but you’ll notice that your feet are going to be much happier if you eliminate a draft coming from the bottom of your doors.

Remember, heat rises, so if you have a constants stream of cold air coming in from under your doors, that cold air is going to linger at the bottom, nipping at your feet and ankles, while all your warm expensive air is floating to the top of your home.

Insulate your attic to keep warm air inside your home

Good insulation can help prevent winter damage to your Colorado home

Properly insulating your home, particularly your attic and roof, will help you save on energy.

Now, speaking of rising heat, insulating your attic is critical in the wintertime. Not only will it help you save money on your energy bills, but you’ll save money avoiding costly roofing problems.
Once that heat rises, unless you create a barrier to keep that hot air in, it’s just going to keep rising through your attic, and eventually through your roof. And there’s the rub. Hot air escaping out of the snow covered Colorado homes will melt the snow, the snow will trickle down your roof until it hits the freezing eaves it will freeze up creating an ice dam.

Reduce energy costs substantially by properly insulating and air sealing your home

“A homeowner can reduce their energy cost substantially by properly insulating and air sealing their home. Also your home will be more comfortable during the summer and winter.” – Quality Roofing

Insulating your attic is important, but at Quality Roofing, we will look for any air leaks in your home, from the bottom of your doors to your walls, windows, and attics. We’ll make sure your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with no change in your heating or cooling bills.