Winds that howl through the trees, making your windows shutter and your house creak, is not an uncommon phenomenon in Colorado. The eastern slope of the Rocky Mountain range is no stranger to heavy gusts of wind up to 100mph, and if you’re not vigilant, these intense gusts of wind can huff and puff and blow your house down. Or, just blow your roof off.

Heavy gusts of wind can damage your roof

In extreme wind conditions, your roof is particularly vulnerable to damage. Years of experience with wind damaged roofing systems has taught us a thing or two about designing and installing a roof that can stand tough against a massive wind storm. But even with all the modern technology and stronger materials on the market, sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent wind from blowing through town, leaving a wake of damaged shingles behind.

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Repairing residential and commercial wind damaged roofs in Colorado.

When the wind blows across your roof with a powerful force; it doesn’t blow evenly across the surface. One section of your roof will end up taking the brunt of the force, and this one section – no matter how tough the materials – will eventually crack under the pressure. It’s a little bit like wrapping an egg in the palm of your hand and squeezing it tight with even force. Amazingly, the egg will stay intact. But, if you shift the pressure to the tip of one finger, putting all the pressure on a single spot, the shell will crack. That is how your roof reacts to wind. As a whole, your roof can be impenetrable, but if you keep applying pressure to one area, or blowing powerful gusts on one area, then that area will have a hard time, eventually buckling under the pressure.

Inspect your roof for wind damage

When you wake up after a night of howling winds, give your roof a quick inspection. The weakest areas are the eaves that overhang the edge of the roof. Missing shingles or broken shingles on your lawn is an obvious sign that the wind landed a blow, but you should also look out for shingles or roofing materials that appear to have been “lifted up”.

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Roofing inspections and repairs in Colorado

Take measures to fix even the slightest damage to your roof. A shingle that has shifted during a windstorm is now exponentially more vulnerable to further damage during the next windstorm. A quick fix now will prevent more serious and expensive repairs in the future.

Not sure how your roof is holding up, schedule an inspection.