Eat less, drink less, smoke less! Those are at the top of most people’s New Year’s Resolution lists. And while you’re trying to do less of everything else, maybe you can use some of the time you save by spending a little more time taking care of your roof. Not only is it in every homeowner’s best interest to maintain your roof, but if you aren’t proactive, should damage occur your homeowner’s insurance may not help you pay for the repairs.

Using your insurance to pay for damaged roof in Colorado

Stay on top of your roof and fix problems immediately. If you wait, the damage will be more severe, and your insurance may not help you cover the repair costs.

Your homeowners insurance will not pay for preventable roof problems

It’s not hard to maintain your roof if you just do a little here and a little there. It’s neglect that ends up costing you in the end. And, if there is damage to your roof, your homeowner’s insurance is going to make sure that the damage couldn’t have been prevented before they write a check for the repairs. Just because you have homeowner’s insurance, doesn’t get you off the hood of keeping up with proper maintenance and inspections.

Hopefully, you gave your roof and gutters a thorough inspection before winter hit Colorado, but winter came early this year, and some of you may have been caught off guard. If you notice that your gutter system and your roof is having a hard time coping with the winter weather, and snow and ice are building up on your roof, it’s time to do something about it. Just because you’ve been told that Spring and Fall are great times to give your roof an inspection, problems can arise in any season.

emergency tarp service

Quality Roofing provides a 24-hour emergency tarp service; we can get out there and cover the roof leak.

Do not wait until Spring to call in a professional to inspect or fix problems with your roof

If you let problems sit, not only will water have months to do severe damage, but your insurance might not be able to help you pay for the cost.

Your insurance policy will cover snow, ice, frost, debris, and water damage to your roof, but only if they can tell that you did everything in your power to prevent the damage. If you leave the problem for too long, your insurance could say that you are at fault, and will void your policy. Fixing a roof isn’t cheap, not if you want it done right by quality roofers with a reputation for quality work.

Of course, if you call in a roofer to inspect the damage as soon as it occurs, the problem may be easily fixed without turning to your insurance. We’ll help you assess the cost of the damage so that you can make an informed decision about the best way to move forward.

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