If you’re auditioning for The Voice, first and foremost you need a perfect pitch. Unlike auditioning for The Voice, it is also perfectly acceptable for a roof to be flat. In fact, a flat roof could leave you a lot more options for space for your tenants than if you had the classic pitched roof. Of course, there are many designs for commercial buildings that can make your building a little more aesthetically interesting.

A flat roof is common for commercial buildings

First of all; a flat roof is never entirely flat. This is a misconception that many have, and when they see the final design of their roof they immediately think “what the…, that roof isn’t flat?!” But, in the name of waterproofing, even a flat roof needs to have a little slope to it so that water doesn’t end up pooling in the middle of your commercial roof.

The best roofing for commercial buildings in Colorado

A flat roof, or low pitched roof, is the number one roofing choice for commercial buildings.

Even private homes sometimes opt for a flat roof, typically when it comes to building extensions, or to have the option of adding a rooftop deck or garden in an urban area where there is no room for a garden. Commercial buildings often utilize their “flat roof” to add extra space for tenants to relax and be social with one another. A rooftop garden is a great way to add a green area for people to enjoy on their lunch breaks or for a quick breath of fresh air.

Curved roofing gives commercial buildings curb appeal

Just because you’re a commercial building owner doesn’t mean you can’t give you building some architectural flair and curb appeal. Curved roofing is beginning to trend among commercial buildings, giving them a little more character than those buildings with old school flat roofs. Besides being a modern twist to the commercial roof, having curved trusses will also add extra stability to a large building.

This added durability, coupled with pleasing aesthetics, makes this an obvious choice for building owners and managers. Curved trusses can also be made to order, changing the shape, the angle of the curve, and the space between support beams to make sure they have the right support to make your roof strong and functional.

Commercial roofing services in Colorado

Dome truss systems are becoming increasingly popular with commercial building owners and managers for added curb appeal.

The trusses can be built from wooden beams or lightweight steel. However, there is a little more work involved in customizing wooden curved trusses and could cost a little more than steel.

Colorado commercial roofing contractor

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