Cleaning the gutters is something we all can do, and it’s something we should all be thinking about doing right now. Every season you should give your gutters a check. But, when something seems simple enough, that’s when we get careless, and accidents happen. Watch out for these two common DIY gutter cleaning mistakes: Ladders and laziness!

Cleaning your guttersLadder safety tips

It’s amazing how many injuries are caused by improper use of a ladder. Whether you’re a professional or a layman, somewhere along the way we all lost respect for the ladder resulting in accidents and broken bones. The ladder, although seemingly harmless, can cause some serious damage if not handled properly. Proper ladder etiquette is so simple it’s stupid not to follow these guidelines.

  • Make sure the ladder is tall enough to reach past your gutters
  • Make sure the ladder is placed on firm, level ground
  • Always keep three points of contact at all times
  • Wear proper shoes

Don’t be lazy when cleaning your gutters

This one also kind of has to do with the ladder, but mostly it has to do with us being lazy. The hardest part about cleaning your gutters is getting up and down the ladder, moving it again and again until you have cleaned all the way around your house. We start off being careful and diligent, but after a while we start to get sloppy, reaching further and further until we’re standing on our tippy toes reaching for that last handful of leaves and debris. Reaching too far will result in you losing our grip and your footing. Here’s how to avoid this problem:

  • Get your lazy butt down from the ladder and move it when it needs moving

Gutter replacement and roof repair ColoradoGutter replacement and roof repair Colorado

Sometimes our own carelessness can turn a gutter cleaning project into a gutter replacement project. If you fall off the ladder or lose your balance, you are going to reach reflexively for something to stop your fall. That is probably going to be your gutter or the edge of the roof. Neither your roof nor your gutters aren’t going to take kindly to you dangling there.

If you run into DIY roofing problems, call in an expert before you make the problem even worse.