We spend a lot of time talking about hail, the wind, water, and other natural phenomena that can damage your commercial roof. But, we often forget about one major reason that the roofs suffer damage: Humans!

In most other areas of life, humans are the most destructive creatures. Is it any wonder that our actions could also cause damage to the roof over our heads? Or, in the case of commercial roofing, the roof over everyone else’s head? As building manager, you know how many times workers have to get up on your roof to do a little routine or pre-emptive maintenance.

TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) commercial roofing in ColoradoDue to clumsiness, carelessness, or pure accident every person has dropped a heavy tool, stepped on a screw causing your roofing membrane to tear or crack or dent or puncture. So, let’s talk about which commercial roofing membrane can stand tough against extreme weather, as well as human error.


Both TPO and PVC will stand up well to items being dropped both at slow and at high speeds. However, the thicker the materials, the better it could withstand the impact. When you get into the thicker PVC varieties, the weight of the fabric helped increase its ability to withstand damage, sometimes causing it to perform better than TPO.

So, regarding resistance to damage when sharp objects are hurled (or dropped) against them, both TPO and PVC are relatively interchangeable. However, other factors put TPO ahead of PVC.

Commercial roofing repairs in ColoradoIf saving energy, saving money, and saving the planet is important to you, then TPO is your choice for commercial roofing.

  • TPO is easier to install, requires less labor and will save you money on installation.
  • White TPO reflects solar rays to lower your energy bills
  • White TPO reduces the urban heat island effect

Commercial roofing services in Colorado

If it’s time to get a new commercial roof or your just (accidentally) damaged your current roof, call a professional roofer to talk about your options.