When you’re the owner of a commercial building, maintaining and repairing the roof is a significant expense. However, with a little proactive maintenance and regular repairs, you can cut the cost of your roofing repairs. Managing your roofing costs can be a big concern for commercial building owners, so we’re here to give you a few tips to reducing your annual budget for roofing maintenance and repair services.

Colorado commercial roof inspections and repair services

Be proactive in maintaining your commercial roof and schedule an inspection.

Proactive roofing maintenance will keep down your roofing repair costs

To keep down the cost of your roofing repairs, you need to be a proactive building owner. According to Buildings.com the average commercial building owner spends about 25 cents per square foot of roofing annually when they deal with problems as they occur. Owners and managers who deal with their roofing maintenance and repairs on a regular basis spend about 14 cents per square foot. So, as you can see, staying ahead of your roofing problems can save you a bundle.

Proactive, as opposed to reactive, building owners, may also be able to extend the life of their commercial roof for up to eight years. The lifespan of an average commercial roof is about 13 years. Staying ahead of problems could extend the life of your roof to 21 years. That’s a huge difference. A full commercial roof replacement isn’t cheap. Fending off this massive expense for eight years is music to every commercial building owners ears.

saving money on commercial roofing services and repairs in Colorado

Don’t wait until the damage is done to schedule repairs. Be a proactive building owner, and maintain your roof regularly.

Schedule a proactive roof inspection for your commercial building

Living in Colorado, you are always dealing with extreme weather patterns, especially in the winter months. The more you take care of your roof, the less of a toll the weather and elements will take. If you are a new owner, we recommend that you get your roof inspected so that you can deal with any problems immediately, or know what to do to stave off future problems. A leaky roof is not only costly to replace, but the damage done to your building, as well as everything inside it, could be just as expensive to replace or repair.

Getting an inspection is part of being a proactive building owner, and will give you a diagnosis of the state of your roofing system and fix any issues before they become too costly.