Every town has its own architectural style. Most of the work that we do take place in Colorado, with rustic charm that blends with our mountains and forested areas. But, move a little further Southwest to New Mexico, and you’ve got the classic, colorful Spanish style homes. If you’re looking for the perfect roof to match your casa, we’ve got three words for you: Red tile roof!

Choosing a roof for your Spanish style home

Classic terracotta roofing tiles are perfect for Spanish style homes.

The perfect roof for any architectural style

The classic red ceramic, tile, concrete, or terracotta roof shingles are the cherry on top of a Spanish style home. The red shingles are a staple as you drive through New Mexico, adding character to a stucco home.

The red perfectly accentuates a white or light colored stucco Spanish home, complete with many architectural curves and arches, rounded staircases that snake around the outside of your home, as well as colorful tiles in creative patterns. But, the ceramic shingle does more than add architectural appeal, they also function to protect your home from the elements.

This type of roofing materials add warmth, and an earthiness to this old world architectural style, but they won’t absorb the heat from the sun causing your AC to work overtime. In fact, tile roofs will deflect the hot New Mexico sun, keeping your home cool and helping you reduce your energy consumption. And, they stand up against most types of weather as well as animals that may be looking for a place to next, from birds to termites.

Finding a reputable roofing company in Colorado

The goal here at Quality Roofing is to provide you with options best suited for your particular project.

Quality Roofing repair and installation services in New Mexico

Choosing the right roof for you can be difficult. In this day and age, there are many to choose from. Quality Roofing will help you find the right roof for you and your needs, from rustic mountain ranch style homes in Colorado to the Spanish architectural style of New Mexico.