Poor insulation or no insulation can be the reason for high energy bills. Draught-proofing your home can help you find weaknesses in your insulation or other areas that could be improved to maximize energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Save energy with insulationDon’t waste your energy

If you think a tiny air leak won’t make a difference, think about your home as a giant balloon. Now imagine what would happen if you poked a teeny tiny hole in the balloon and then tried to blow it up. You could probably fill it up if you really put some effort into it, but you’d have to keep huffing and puffing to keep that balloon full of air. Wouldn’t it be easier to switch to a balloon without a hole in it?

Energy is lost through your attic, windows, and exterior walls

Insulation works the same way. If there are air leaks or gaps around windows and doors, it’s time to think about replacing your insulation. The biggest culprits of air leaks are typically in your attic, windows and exterior walls. Since heat rises, insulating your attic should be a priority for any homeowner. But, you want great insulation throughout your home from top to bottom for maximum energy efficiency and indoor air quality.

Energy saving tips for homeowners in Colorado and New MexicoInsulation needs ventilation

For insulation to work, you need to have proper ventilation. It’s important for air to circulate, but it should be in a controlled environment. No air should be seeping in or out of your home without your permission, so to speak.

Insulating your home is about much more than just saving money and reducing your carbon footprint. Good insulation will increase the comfort of your home, and isn’t that what it’s all about? The right balance of insulation and ventilation will make your home a much more pleasant place to live.

Insulation installations in Colorado and New Mexico

We can help you find areas where your insulation is lacking or not performing as it should, and help you find the best insulation solutions and materials for your home in Colorado and New Mexico.