How cool is your roof?

And we’re not talking cool, like the Fonz, but cool as in energy efficient. Not that being energy efficient isn’t cool. Anyway, now that we’re nearing warmer temperatures, it’s time to think about how to make your roof as cool as possible, taking the pressure off of your AC, and helping you control the temperature in your home, all while reducing the amount of energy you use to do so.

Energy efficient roofing tips for Colorado home and business owners

Light colored roofing materials will deflect the hot sunlight and help your home be more energy efficient.

The color of your roof can help you save energy

A dark asphalt roof can get scorching on days when the sun is beating down continuously. This is the problem with all darkly colored rooftops. The darker the roof, the more heat it will absorb, the hotter it will get, and by default, the hotter the rooms below your roof will get. To combat this effect, the AC needs to work a lot harder to maintain a pleasant temperature.

Choosing a light colored roofing material will deflect sunlight and heat away from your roof, which will reduce the heat coming down into your home, and allow the AC to take a load off and work less to maintain a pleasant temperature. This will result in lower energy usage, and lower utility bills. Plus, it will help extend the life of your AC units, as they are not working overtime to cool your home.

asphalt roof for Colorado homel

Asphalt shingles are a great alternative for the Colorado homeowner on a budget, but they will get hot hot hot under the Colorado sun. Make sure you have proper insulation if you have dark roofing materials.

Proper roof insulation can help you save energy

If you want an extra cool roof (and who doesn’t) then adding insulation below your roof can help reduce your energy consumption even further. Insulating your whole home is optimal, but for starters, insulating the attic and the roof will provide immediate benefits. Proper insulation will take even more pressure off of your HVAC units. In some cases, quality insulation may almost replace the need for such units in the first place.

At Quality Roofing, we can help you find the most energy efficient roofing and insulation materials to help you reduce your energy consumption and save on your utility bills. Get a free estimate!