Look at how cute your Colorado home looks with thick green moss growing haphazardly on your roof! Now take a picture, cause you’re about to get rid of that moss once and for all.

It may look good, adding to the rustic charm of your Front Range or mountain home, but moss can cause severe damage to your entire roofing system. If you don’t believe us, all you have to do is look at the type of environment that attracts moss.

Colorado roofing inspections and repairs

Moss and fungus covered shingles should be inspected for damage by a Colorado roofing expert.

Moss loves dark, wet environments

Moss loves moisture and shade. You know what else loves moisture and shade? Mold. Yup, moss/mold, mold/moss, when you bring moisture into the equation you should suit up for battle. Once moss is attracted to your roof, probably because one side is always in the shade, or moisture for some reason has a hard time evaporating and is allowed to pond on your roof, it’s time to take steps to remedy the problem. The moss thrives in this environment. Sucking up the moisture, growing its roots into your shingles. Moisture will continue to gather, moss will continue to spread, and the roots will grip and tear and lift up your shingles, giving both moisture and moss more space to grow, more places to flow. The moss may even invite over a couple of friends: fungus, and mold. Now, that’s a party you don’t want to shut down right away before it gets out of hand.

Before you know it, your shingles are damaged, and the tiny roots have created tiny holes in your roof, and it is the beginning of the end for your roofing system. If left untreated for too long, water could penetrate into your rafters, your walls, and start to rot your home from the inside.

Residential and commercial roofing repairs in New Mexico

Have your roof inspected if you see signs of moss, mold, or fungus growing on your shingles.

Residential and commercial roof inspections and repairs

Before you get too caught up in the pleasing aesthetics of your moss covered roof, talk to a professional about cleaning off the moss (without damaging the existing shingles,) and repairing any damage that may already have been done. The quicker you take control of the problem, the less expensive it will be to fix.

Get a free estimate on your repairs from a trained, licensed, and insured professional roofing contractor for your residential or commercial roof.