Roof inspections

There is nothing more frustrating than a leaky roof. It can cause all kinds of damage from wood sheathing, insulation, sheet rock to the grand piano that has been handed down from generations. When the first sign of a roof leak shows its ugly head, it might be too late. Don’t worry you can do a visual inspection from the ground in some cases. You are looking for lifted metal or shingles. Shingles that are buckling or missing. You may be able to see discoloration on the roofing material also an indicator that the roof is reaching its life expectancy. If you see a substantial amount of granules where the gutter drains are that is another good indication that the roof is reaching its life expectancy. That is why Quality Roofing encourages home owners to get their roof inspected every year. We can diagnose a problem before it becomes costly to you and we can save that grand piano.