Every building, from the toolshed to the mansion, needs a roof. When you buy a new home, you want there to be a strong roofing system in place. If you are building a new home, you have to make the right choices about your roofing system to match your home design, protect your home from the elements, as well as add curb appeal. Take your time and talk to a quality roofing contractor in your area to find out what is the best roofing system your home.

Choosing the right residential roof for your Colorado home

The size of your roof should be proportionate to your home so that you don’t end up with a top heavy home.

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Of course, you want your roof to be energy efficient and weather resistant, but before we get to the materials and the installation, we need to talk about how you are going to use the space beneath your roof. The type truss system that you choose is going to have an effect on the shape of the roof, but the layout of your home is also going to play a part. Your personal aesthetics and style are also going to have an effect on the truss design that you pick. The right roof is not just about function; it can also be quite fashionable and lend to your personal style or the architectural style of your home.

Avoiding a “roof heavy” home

You also need your roof to be balanced in size with the rest of your home. You may want to use your attic as extra living space, thinking that a steeper pitch will give you more room. But, a steep pitch might make your home look like it’s all roof and very little house when seen from the street. The proportions will be off, and your home is all of a sudden better fit in Alice’s Wonderland than in the Colorado landscape.

Where to insulate your roof

You are also going to have to take insulation and ventilation into effect. If you are not going to use your attic space as a livable space, insulation can be applied above the ceiling. However, if you’re going to be living – or someone is going to be living – in the attic, then you don’t want to be walking around on insulation carpeting. For attics used as living spaces, you’ll need to insulate under the sloping roof.

Residential roofing in Colorado

Choosing the right roofing design is as much about function as it is about matching the architecture and your personal style.

The problem that contractors sometimes run into when insulating under the sloped roof is that the rafters and trusses aren’t deep enough to hold the amount of insulation you need be efficient. This sometimes leads to adding more insulation to the underside of the roof taking away precious headroom.

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Before you raise the roof, talk to a professional roofer about the right design for your home. If you use the right materials, the right installation techniques, and the right insulation and ventilation methods for maximum functionality, style, and energy efficiency your roof can protect you and your home for a long, long time.