When your roof takes a beating, your gutter system takes a beating. Gutters are an integral part of your roofing system. If your gutter system fails, it’s only a matter of time before you start to see signs of water damage from your roof to your foundation. Preventing water damage is your number one responsibility as a home or building owner.

Prevent mold and rot

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Without a properly installed gutter system, water will soak into your wooden fascia boards, under your roof, and into your home and cause a slew of water problems like rot and mold. Wet, rotten, and moldy materials will become compromised and lose their effectiveness. A poor or missing gutter system can render a whole building unsafe.

Keep water away from foundation

Without gutters, the water that isn’t finding its way under your roof will fall directly down on the ground and puddle around your foundation, causing problems. A good roofing system will include gutters and downspouts that will help divert water away from your home.

Match your gutters to your home

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Quality Roofing recommends gutters and downspouts made from aluminum to avoid rust – you’re dealing with a lot of water after all – but gutters come in many different materials, as well as colors, so you can match them to the paint on your home and your existing roof. Just because they’re gutters doesn’t mean they can’t be both functional and fashionable.

Regular gutter maintenance

To prolong the life of your gutter system, be sure to maintain them regularly and check for damage after severe weather. Cleaning your gutters from dirt and debris twice a year will keep your system effective for much longer.

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