Adding a rooftop garden to your residential or commercial building seems like a great way to utilize the space on your roof for a little green refuge. When you live in the city, even in the great state of Colorado where there is nature for days, having your own garden is a luxury. But, before you go and give your tenants the green space they crave, take a minute to find out if your roof is strong enough to hold a rooftop garden.

Tips to building a rooftop garden in Colorado

Check with a reputable roofing contractor to make sure you roof is strong enough for a garden.
Photo by James Steakley, via Wikimedia Commons

Contact a professional roofer to determine the strength of your roof

By the time you get large clay flower pots, wooden planter boxes, soil, seating, and all the pretty trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers up on your roof you’ve already put a tremendous amount of pressure on your roof. Even if you are using the lightest materials to contain your plants, you still need dirt for the plants to grow, and that dirt needs to be watered. Dirt is heavy all on its own, wet dirt is even heavier. Before you know it, a green roof can quickly weigh up to 100 lbs per square foot! That’s a lot. And, you haven’t even invited your tenants up to enjoy the new space.

In order to make sure that your roof can carry the weight of your garden, be sure to talk to a quality roofing expert or a structural engineer to calculate the maximum load that your roof can carry. If the experts determine that your roof isn’t strong enough, you need to strengthen up your roof with better, stronger, more durable materials before you even begin to design your rooftop garden.

Colorado commercial roofing tips

Why waste all that roof space? Talk to a roofing expert about building a rooftop sanctuary for your tenants.

Quality Roofing inspections, installations, and repairs in Colorado

Once you have the go ahead from your roofing contractor, it’s time to start designing your green roof sanctuary to give your tenants a little nature in an otherwise concrete jungle.

Schedule an inspection and get a free estimate on repairs before installing a rooftop garden.