Insulation Installation

A homeowner can reduce their energy cost substantially by properly insulating and air sealing their home. Also your home will be more comfortable during the summer and winter.

There are many ways to properly insulate your home and each home is different. Insulating your home consists of two major factors, first we need to find where the home is having the most heat and cooling loss. Once we find the source of that loss we air seal those areas. Next we make sure that the home has proper ventilation. With having proper ventilation it allows the heat in the attic to escape in the summer months and that allows the attic to cool. Keeping the attic temperature lower helps cool the interior of the home.

The attic, windows and the exterior walls are the most common areas of energy loss. By adding insulation in the attic and exterior walls and air sealing windows we can achieve the comfort you are wanting. We have found that older homes don’t have adequate insulation or ventilation. When the two are done properly the home becomes more comfortable and in most cases the project will pay for its self quickly by the amount of savings on energy costs.

Depending on the construction of your home and the areas that need insulation will depend on what type of insulation products Quality Roofing will use to properly insulate the home. We have the option of Foam board, blown in or batt insulation. At times we use a Radiant Barrier in conjunction with one or more of the products mentioned. The benefit of using a particular product varies on the R-value that Quality Roofing is trying to achieve.

R-value is a unit of thermal resistance for a particular material or assembly of materials. The R-value will depend on the solid materials resistance to conductive heat transfer. Our goal is to have an R-value of R38 to R60 in the attic and a R30 to R60 in the exterior walls.

To reach this goal in most cases we will need to add insulation to the walls by removing some siding and drilling holes to blow in the insulation. In the attic Quality Roofing will install the product that will best retro fit the home.