Hail damage

Hail is something that cannot be avoided living in Colorado and New Mexico, it costs insurance companies and homeowners millions if not billions of dollars every year. The effect of a hail storm can be devastating to property owners. Hail storms will also bring to town many unsavory characters and the more you know as a property owner the safer you will be when they storm the streets with their high pressure sales technique. Not all roofing companies that come to your door are looking for a fast buck. If you know what to look for and the right questions to ask, you will be able to make a safe decision on who to hire for your project. Hail damage is not always easy to identify, it can take days after the storm to show up on your roof. Its always a good idea to get a qualified roofing specialist to inspect your property so you can be sure of the next step. Quality Roofing has help hundreds of homeowners just like yourself get through this process with ease.

Things to look for when hiring a roofing specialist:

  1. If they have a local companies name and ends with “storm team” typically they are an out of state roofer that is working off the local guys license and giving him a percentage of their sales. Good for the local company bad for you because when they leave your the one that will have a hard time getting them back to fix anything.
  2. Many roofing companies start after a hail storm and then go out of business a year later, leaving the homeowner with a leaky roof and no warranty.
  3. Do they offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on craftsmanship? Have they been in business for at least 10 years? If so then you can assured that they will probably be in business another 10+ years so their warranty is going to be useful if ever needed.