Gutter Replacement

Gutters are an important part of the roofing system. Properly installed gutters put the water where it needs to go. Gutters keep water away from the foundation of the structure. Having gutters also will save the facia board from rotting as long as the gutter apron is installed properly to keep water from getting between the gutter and facia. Gutter material comes in many colors so you can find a color that will complement the house paint and roof. The recommended material is aluminum for the gutter and down spouts because it generally wont rust. Gutter cleaning is very important because as debris builds up in the gutter it will put extra weight on the hangers and stops the water flow. As the water level rises in the gutter in can get under the roof and begin to damage the decking, soffit and facia. Quality Roofing recommends cleaning your gutters twice a year to keep the water flowing where it is intended to go. When you do regular maintenance to your gutters and down spouts they will last many years and function properly.