One little dent in your roofing system could mean big (expensive) problems down the line. A tornado has already rocked the Eastern Plains of Colorado, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. And, the summer weather in New Mexico isn’t any more forgiving. Before hail, rains, wind, and summer storms hit, take a minute to inspect your roof. If any damage needs repairing, do it immediately.

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Even the slightest winter damage can lead to bigger troubles if left unattended. In Colorado, the weather is constantly changing. We’ve got a little bit of everything, and every season brings new weather patterns. Home and business owners should always be vigilant in maintaining the roofing systems. Your roof is your first defense against natural disasters. It’s the umbrella you never forget to bring. But, if you ignore your roof, or ignore problems that may seem insignificant, then your roof is going to be that umbrella that always blows inside out, which isn’t much use in a rainstorm.

Tiny problems may only look tiny on the outside. A few shingles may have shifted, but that tiny shift could leave a big opening for water to enter your roofing system, trickling down into your entire home. Water problems lead to mold problems. Mold problems can leave to health problems.

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Avoid mold infestation with regular maintenance

Even if moisture isn’t the problem (yet), then any opening in your roofing systems can also be an invite for rodents, insects, and pests to enter your home. So, a few loose shingles may not tell you the whole story. What’s going on underneath those shingles could be a very expensive disaster. What could have been a simple fix is now a complete replacement of your roofing system.

Even with the best home insurance, if you left a problem unattended for too long, your provider may deem you responsible and refuse payment.

Don’t take chances with your roof. Be vigilant in between seasons, because another storm is right around the corner.

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From inspections to complete replacements of your roofing system, Quality Roofing can find and fix any residential or commercial roofing problem.