It can be difficult for a homeowner to prioritize all the little things that need fixin’, but one project that should jump to the front of the line every time is your roof. Any faults in your roofing system could spell big trouble for your entire home and the safety of your family. Your roof should not be pushed aside. This is one area that cannot wait and should be dealt with immediately.

Roofing inspections and repairs in Colorado

One flaw in your roofing system can cause damage all the way down to your foundation.

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Roofing ain’t cheap, but letting repairs slide will only make the cost of repairs skyrocket as water damage waits for no man. Once water is penetrating your roof due to cracked, warped, or missing shingles, you need to act fast to stop the damage before it spreads to your entire home.

You may be tempted to replace only the visibly damaged roofing materials and call it a day, but talk to a professional roofing expert about the best course of action for your roof. If you have a roofing system with layered shingles, building and city codes may require stripping your roofing all the way down to the sheathing, which will add expense to the cost of repairs.

Despite how much you may want to save money, a quality roofer will never “spot fix” your roof. A quality roofer knows how important it is for the entire system to function properly, and one weak area will set off a chain reaction. Whether you can see it or not, water damage could have spread causing wooden materials, wooden support beams, to rot and weaken.

A few small cracks or missing shingles could mean a complete overhaul of your roofing system. Removing all shingles to get to the sheathing will ensure that we are not missing any water damage, rot, or even insect infestation. However, the extra expense is well worth the money. Just fixing the damaged area will only leave you vulnerable to many more roofing issues. Best to fix the problem once and for all, and then sucking up the costs.

asphalt roof for Colorado homel

Asphalt shingles are a great alternative for the Colorado homeowner on a budget.

Replace your old roof with a new quality roof

Depending on the reason for the damage, your home insurance, or the warranty of your roof, could help you pay for the repairs. However, if the reason for the damage is a faulty installation by the previous roofer, your insurance may not be able to help you out, so when you go to find your next roofing expert, make sure you find a roofer with the right credentials and a reputation for superior craftsmanship.

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