Urban Heat Islands

Replacing your commercial or residential roof can be costly to your wallet. Not choosing “cool” roofing materials could be costly to our planet. A quality roof is both functional and energy efficient.

There’s a strange phenomenon on the rise called Urban Heat Islands. With more and more buildings being constructed, and overcrowding in our cities, researchers see a significant rise in the temperature in these urban developments. We are getting much better at creating energy efficient buildings and materials, and the roofing industry is no exception.

Energy efficient roofing installations in Colorado

Using light colored or white roofing materials will help reduce your energy consumption and help prevent Urban Heat Islands that lead to global warming.

Cool roof technology can help combat global warming

Black pavements, roads, and rooftops have played a significant part in making these little heat pockets in our cities. Many urban planners, local governments, home and building owners are taking steps to combat this phenomenon. By painting dark surfaces white, or mixing in lighter (in color, not weight) construction materials we can reflect the sunlight from the surfaces, and keep it cool.

Cool roofs are also becoming a big trend. Both commercially and residentially. Commercial building owners are opting for a white roofing material. It won’t just help the planet; it will also cut back on the energy it takes to keep the building cool for the tenants.

Cooling commercial roofing solutions for Colorado

White Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) has a cooling effect, reflecting and deflecting the heat from the sun, perfect or large commercial roofs in Colorado.

White roofs are more energy efficient and eco-friendly

Residential “cool roofs” use light, or “cool” colors for the roofing materials, making sure that heat is deflected, not stored. Just like you put on clothes with light colors on a sunny day to keep your body temperature down, white roofing materials can help keep your home energy efficient, as well as prevent these growing Urban Heat Islands that are part of causing global warming.

Design a cool roof in Colorado

For the latest in energy efficient roofing designs and materials, talk to a Quality Roofing expert about your options for a cool roof.