Investing in an energy efficient roofing system is a great investment. But, it’s just as important for the rest of your building envelope to be up to par, as well. Everything, from your roof to the foundation should be working together to make sure your home is safe, and energy efficient. Here are a few simple tips to keeping your indoor air quality consistent, and helping you save energy and money at the same time.

Energy saving tips for building owners in Colorado and New MexicoSeal air leaks around doors and windows

The biggest energy wasting offender is tiny cracks and air leaks around your windows and doorways. With each season comes changes in temperature and moisture. These can cause building materials, especially wood, to contract and expand, breaking the seal around your windows and doors. It’s an easy fix; you just have to be aware of the problem. Routine inspections and maintenance will go a long way to saving energy and extend the life of your home.

Clean your air filters regularly

When you are running your AC units regularly, the filters will get dirty. Cleaning or replacing your filters on a monthly basis will go a long way to saving energy. The dirtier your filters, the harder your AC has to work, using more energy than necessary.

Close the blinds

When the sun is beating in through your windows, the heat will cause your AC to start working harder to maintain a comfortable indoor climate. To prevent the sun from messing with your thermostat, consider closing the blinds on windows that are facing the sun, especially at high noon when the sun is the hottest.

Professional roofing and insulation solutions for Colorado and New MexicoInsulation for your Colorado or New Mexico home

Colorado has four temperamental seasons, and every homeowner should keep an eye on insulation problems and air leaks to avoid wasting energy. In the dry climate of New Mexico, the changes from daytime heat, to night time desert cool temperatures can have the same impact on your building. No matter where you live, your home or commercial property will react to changes in weather.

Keep an eye on your roofing, siding, windows and doors to make sure you aren’t wasting energy.

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