Sometimes you find a leak in your ceiling, and you immediately assume that a faulty roofing system is to blame. A recent discovery in Virginia sheds new light on a curious winter problem and the real culprit behind a leaky ceiling.

Colorado roofing experts

Check your soffit vents in your roofing system to make sure snow isn’t accumulating in your attic.

Your roof is not (always) to blame for every leak

Just 1,600+ miles from here in Henrico County, VA, homeowners were discovering water damage to their ceilings, and a wet attic. Since there are no burst pipes, homeowners were knocking down the doors of local roofing experts, sure that the cause of the water damage must be a leaky roof. What else could explain this sudden appearance of water?

It turns out that snow was flowing through roof vents that weren’t properly sealed and dusting their attics with a blanket of pure white snow. If this were a Disney cartoon, this would allow for wonderful winter games to be played indoors without a care in the world. But this is real life, and in real life, snow in the attic can spell trouble.

Check your attic for snow after a storm

In this case, the roof itself is not to blame, rather soffit vents that allow for proper airflow between you roof deck and your insulation. But, because homeowners were unaware, once the snow has melted, the water would quite naturally begin to find it’s way through the floor in your attic, creating a water damaged stain on the ceiling below.

Spotting and repairing roofing problems in Colorado

Avoid leaks and water damage: make sure you roofing system is tight so that the Colorado winter weather stays outside.

So, let’s learn this lesson along with our East Coast neighbors and check your attic after days with heavy snow and a little wind. You can also go and check your vents and attic windows to make sure snow isn’t getting inside. The more proactive you are, the easier it will be to fix or prevent problems from occurring in the future.

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If you’re just not realizing that your Colorado attic has slowly been filling up with snow through your vents and soffits, call us for a free estimate. We can fix and replace damaged roofs, gutter systems, as well as air seal your home and provide you with the proper insulation from your walls to your attic.