Most homeowners are so concerned with other little things around the house that need to be fixed, the last thing they consider is the roof. The long “to-do” list of home improvements and minor repairs pile up, and now that winter is here, a whole new set of problems could arise. But, do not forget to keep an eye on your roof. Often, roof problems can go undetected for a long time, and it’s not until obvious signs of damage occur, that you decide to take action.

Spotting and repairing roofing problems in Colorado

How to spot roofing problems before they become a danger to your home or business.

By the time you detect moisture problems, the damage is done

Moisture problems can often go undetected because the signs occur in spaces that you are not normally looking, like your attic, or on the roof itself. Missing or broken shingles can go undetected because you are looking anywhere but up. And even if you notice a missing shingle, many homeowners assume that it’s probably going to be fine because the rest of the roofing system seems to be in place. However, moisture could be seeping in, soaking your wooden support beams or allowing water to penetrate behind your gutter system into your walls.

Unfortunately, moisture damage doesn’t become visible overnight. By the time you spot stains and wet patches on your walls and ceiling, the damage has already been allowed to flourish for a long time and could be extensive and dangerous. Sometimes, if your wooden support beams are getting wet, the moisture could dry out before you notice anything, but the problem will continue and your beams will start to warp and sag with the expansion and contraction of getting wet and dry over and over again.

Quality Roofing repairs and installation in Colorado

Ice dams, faulty gutters and kick out flashing can cause major problems for your roofing system and your entire home.

If in doubt, hire a quality roofer to inspect your roof for damage

If you just pay a little bit of attention to your roof,  both from the outside and from the inside, you’ll be able to spot problems quickly. Being able to spot changes or movements in your roof is key to staying ahead of most problems. If you sense that something is off with your roof, it’s time to contact a quality roofer who will help you get to the root of the problem. Do your research and make sure you hire a reputable roofer with the right skills and qualifications to fix your roof the right way, ensuring that the problem will not continue to occur.

Roofing problems should be fixed immediately. The more you ignore the problem, the bigger, and more expensive it will be to fix in the future, and the problem will only spread to the rest of your home.

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