Commercial Roofing

There are many products for commercial roofing, Quality Roofing focus’s primarily on single-ply roofing membrane. The reason for this is we can install a single-ply roofing system that will last as long as the other systems that are available, for less cost and in most cases a better warranty.

We have three roofing systems that we install, TPO, PVC, EPDM.

TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin)

Has become the leader in the commercial roofing industry, mainly because the ease of installation which reduces labor costs. This product has many color options, white is the most common for reflectivity to help reduce energy costs.


Is similar to TPO the advantage of PVC is it does not absorb or weaken by grease and oil so it is a good roofing system for buildings that have grease traps.

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EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)

Is still a great system for low slope, it comes in two colors black and white. The draw back to this system is the amount of labor that goes into installing EPDM.

All the systems listed have different thicknesses available, 45 mil, 50 mil, 60 mil, 80 mil. All have different warranties available.

With all roofing it is a system, when all the products are used properly you will get a roof that will last.

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