Preventing Roof Damage Due to Snow and Ice

Pure white snow falling from the sky, covering your home and garden in a blanket of soft, white powder. There’s nothing quite like it. Until your roof starts leaking and buckling due to the weight of too much snow and ice

A good roof can take a good amount of snow before you have to worry. But, if that snow melts and freezes and turns to ice, it become considerably more heavy that snow. Don’t get us wrong, wet snow isn’t as light and fluffy as it looks, but the real danger to your roofing system is ice.

Spotting and repairing winter roofing damage in Colorado

Look out for roofing problems caused by excess snow loads.

Excessive snow loads, as some Colorado communities are prone to each winter, can become a problem for your roofing system. To help you determine if you roof is at risk we’ve compiled a list of several causes behind structural failures due to the weight of snow and ice.

How to spot roofing problems due to excess snow weight

Winter roofing tips for Colorado home and business owners

Spotting and fixing winter roofing problems early means more time to enjoy the snow with your family.

As a home and business owner, you must stay vigilant, especially in the winter to make sure your roof isn’t being compromised. Look out for:

Sagging ceilings – look up, what do you see? If ceiling boards look warped or have fallen out of your ceiling altogether, the problem is most likely your roof.

Sprinkler systems – check around your ceiling sprinklers to make sure they are still tight and secure. If they look loose and wobbly, it could mean problems with your roof.

Creaking – is your roof creaking more than usual? It’s your roof crying out for help carrying the heavy snow and ice load.

Windows and doors – If you all of a sudden have a problem opening and closing your windows and doors, it could be due to too much snow and ice weighing down your roof and putting pressure on the rest of your home

Any unusual cracks, creeks or leaks could be a sign of roof damage

If your roof is failing under the weight of too much ice, call a roofer to fix the problem immediately. You may think it’s too late now that winter has already hit, but most professional roofing companies will be able to fix your roof in any season.