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Avoid carpenter ants burrowing through water damaged wood by fixing a leaky roof.

So, there you are, being a good proactive homeowner, and spending the weekend cleaning your gutters and downspouts, removing dirt and debris. It’s a brisk Colorado day, there’s frost in the air, but the sun is still shining, and it feels good to be outside. For good measure, you check the surrounding trees and notice a branch that is reaching a little too close to your roof. Knowing that overhanging branches can cause problems, you decide to nip it in the bud and cut that branch. And then you spot them, a long trail of carpenter ants using the branch as an expressway to your roof.

Pest infestation may be the result of moisture issues

Before you go reaching for industrial strength bug spray, take a minute to find out why the ants are invading your roof. The truth is, these ants aren’t the cause of your roofing problems, they are merely a consequence.

If your roof is attracting carpenter ants or other pests, the chances are that you’ll find moisture issues somewhere. Ants are not attracted to “healthy” wood, they prefer wood that has already been damaged. Most likely, that damage is water. Carpenter ants aren’t there to eat your wood, like termites, they are just there looking for a nice place to nest. Hence, finding damaged wood makes it easier for the ant to bury into it, creating the perfect living quarters for a colony of ants.

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A damaged roof can lead to moisture issues, rotten wood, and pest infestation.

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The best way to get rid of these pests is to fix the problem that brought them there in the first place. That overhanging branch may already have loosened a few shingles, allowing moisture to penetrate. It may be minor, which is why you haven’t spotted the problem, but the fact that you are seeing carpenter ants suggests that the wood around your roof has been somehow damaged.

Call a quality roofer to help you get to the cause of your pest infestation and fix any moisture issues and damaged roofing materials. Once you fix the problem, there is no need to go buying out all the bug spray at your local pharmacy, because like we said, carpenter ants are looking for damaged wood.