We tell you to keep an eye on your roof a lot, and it’s usually followed by warnings against moisture issues, rain, snow, ice, hail or any type of weather that is wet. We talk about checking your gutters, and making sure your insulation is tight, we tell you to look for water stains or leaks, but one major sign that something is wrong with your roof is if it starts to droop and sag.

Tips to maintaining your Colorado roof

Keep an eye on your roof and make sure rain, hail, snow and ice have an escape route so the water doesn’t weigh down your roof causing damage.

Next time you’re walking up to your house or standing out in the back yard, take a step back and survey your roof. Make sure you’re standing far enough away to get a complete view of your roof so that you can check the lines and make sure they are leveled. If you notice that your roof is starting to sag in the middle, or droop down in places it shouldn’t, then you could have a big problem on your hands and you should call in an expert to further assess the damage and get an estimate on the repairs.

Too much weight from snow ice and water that gathers on your roof without an escape route will eventually weigh down your roof, causing the materials to weaken and sag, but if your roofing materials were subpar to begin with, installed improperly or you have a roof that is simply too heavy for your home to carry, then you will slowly see it start to sag.

Choosing the right roofing shingle for your Colorado home or business

Choose quality roofing materials to ensure that your roof is working properly.

A roof is much more than just picking the right shingle. For any roofing repairs or replacement make sure you team up with a professional who can help you find the best solutions for your home. Your roof is a complete system. One faulty installation, a few poor materials and ignoring moisture issues for too long can take a serious toll on your roof, and can even spread like a disease to the rest of your house.

You should think of your home as one big well-oiled machine from the roof to the foundation. If one part is failing, more pressure will be put in other places to compensate for the damage or weakened materials. Before you know it, a few bad shingles can throw the whole house out of whack.