A leaky home is not only going to cost you money due to wasted energy and high utility bills, it can also be hazardous to your health. Improper insulation can cause either bad air to filter into your home, or cause bad air to be trapped in your home. Bad indoor air quality is bad for your health and can cause you to feel uncomfortable in your own home. Don’t let a leaky home suck all the joy out of living there.

Health risks of poor indoor air quality

Building owners and managers, as well as homeowners should all be concerned with their indoor air quality. Besides causing minor to severe illnesses and general irritability (runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, headaches, nausea, dizziness, and more), poor indoor air quality can make your home almost unlivable. Your home should be your sanctuary, not your prison.

Causes of bad indoor air quality

Breathing in bad air in your home can cause health issues and render your home unlivable.

If you experience symptoms of poor indoor air quality, typically these symptoms will flare up only when you are in the space with the problem. Symptoms that disappear as soon as you leave home or work are a common sign that you have a problem with your indoor air quality.

The causes of bad indoor air

Dust, construction, high moisture levels, cleaning products, and smoking can all lead to poor indoor air. But, the main culprit behind trapping or inviting bad air indoors is bad ventilation or not enough ventilation.

The best way to control your ventilation and your indoor air quality is to make sure that your building envelope is properly insulated. Air leakage through your walls and ceiling due to poor insulation can increase the risk of allowing pollutants and bad air to circulate through your home. Insulation, particularly in your attic will help you keep bad air out and good air in, as well as prevent moisture from entering your home.

Controlling your indoor air quality

Be sure to properly insulate your entire building envelope, particularly your attic, to help control your indoor air quality.

Roof inspections and insulation installation in Colorado

A great roof to protect your home from air leaks and moisture issues, combines with great insulation throughout your home will help save energy, as well as control the indoor air quality of your home or business making it a pleasure for friends, family, colleagues, and clients to spend time.

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