A home is nothing without a solid roof

Most homeowners don’t realize that a good roof is more than just shingles, it’s a whole system that needs to be properly installed, using quality craftsmanship, and quality materials for all parts of the system to function properly and protect your home from the outside elements.

We all want to save money. Unfortunately, this means that many homeowners opt for the cheapest roofing solution, only to end up with shoddy workmanship and repairs that will cost them more than if they had just hired a reputable quality roofing expert to repair their roof in the first place.

Choosing a quality roofing expert in Colorado

The most common roof problems occur because people skimp on materials and on quality workmanship.

The four most common problems we come across when we’re out on a job are:

Poor Water Resistance – The main function of your roof is to keep water out and away from your home at all costs. Water is the silent killer for any home or business. Once your roof is allowing water to penetrate under the shingles, into your attic, into your walls can cause serious problems. Moisture issues is a domino effect of trouble. Once it’s in your home, it spreads quickly and destroys the integrity of your home.

Finding a reputable roofing company in Colorado

The goal here at Quality Roofing is to provide you with options best suited for your particular project.

The cause of leaks could be due to improper installation methods, faulty materials or improper flashing.

Poor wind resistance – If the flashing isn’t properly attached can cause the wind to blow off your flashing. Making sure that everything is properly attached and that the seams are done to minimize wind resistance and the chance for “blow-offs”  goes a long way in protecting your roof.

Poor workmanship – Most problems with your roof are due to faulty installation methods and cheap materials. Unfortunately, not all roofing “experts” are created equal. When it comes to your roof, do some research to make sure you are hiring a roofing contractor with a well-known reputation in the roofing industry. Fixing your roof isn’t cheap, but spending more up front and getting your roof fixed and installed correctly will pay itself back in the long run.

Poor maintenance – If you’ve spent a pretty penny on fixing a faulty roof you want to do everything to maintain it so that you don’t run into the same problems. Proper and regular maintenance of your roofing system will help it last a lot longer than a neglected roof.

The more you know about your entire roofing system and how it works will help you maintain your roof all year round and save on future repair expenses.